Long Arm Quilting Services – Price List

white background with colored dots arranged in a geometric design
Circles in Squares – Dense Custom Quilting

Long Arm Quilting consists of many different services and these can include everything from the most basic quilting using a standard design, either free hand or machine guided, the thread, and limited design time. More complex quilting can require extensive design and setup, more thread color changes, including multiple bobbins, and ruler work. Quilting services are typically based on a “per square inch” measurement. This is the width times the height of the piece.

For example, a quilt sized 40 x 60 inches would result in a total of 2,400 square inches (SqI). Some services also have a per hour fee or a minimum setup fee.

I provide additional services/features such as providing the material for the backing or batting, pressing, binding, cleaning, minor repair work, and custom quilting. Each service had a different fee attached as noted below.

Ideally, the quilt top will be straightened (if a square or rectangle quilt), cleaned, and pressed before the quilting process starts. I’ll work with you to design the best quilt based on your expectations and budget.


Edge to Edge – a free form pattern done all over the quilt with no highlighting of the pieced or applique designs on the top.

Density – with regards to E2E, this means how small the overall pattern is. Low density would be a large flowing pattern up to 4″ to 6″ between stitching lines without a lot of detail. This will result in large, puffy areas. Batting must be matched correctly to reduce any shifting or bunching of the batting. Most batting will have instructions as to how large the pattern can be. High density would include small patterns such as bubbles or grid work, usually less than 2″ between stitching lines.

Borders, as a separate category, indicate that the border would be a different pattern than the E2E and could include things like feathers, leaves or piano keys. Multiple borders would have different patterns within each border.

Custom Quilting also has a range from minimal to extensive. Custom work includes Stitch in the Ditch (SID) that’s used to outline various design elements, fills, design consultations, etc. Full custom design includes multiple motifs, ruler work, extensive fills, etc.

Unless otherwise indicated, all quilts will be considered ‘user’ quilts, not show quilts. Quilts entered in shows, fairs, exhibitions, etc. require additional manual work for starts/stops and will be considered at a custom quilting rate, even if an E2E design is selected.

Art Quilting includes embellishments such as couching, bobbin work, thread painting, twin needle work, etc.

Art Quilts are full collaborative experiences and may require multiple sessions for design and execution.

Design CategoryPrice per Unit
Edge to Edge – low density$0.025 per SqI
Edge to Edge – medium density$0.028 per SqI
Edge to Edge – high density$0.038 per SqI
Edge to Edge – with border$0.040 per SqI
Edge to Edge – multiple borders$0.045 + per SqI
Custom Quilting
Custom – basic: SID, separate blocks, echoing$0.055 + per SqI
Detailed Custom – extensive: multiple motifs, extensive design, show quilts, SID$0.090 + per SqI
Art Quilting – full collaborative design and execution$0.11+ per SqI
Each of the above include 1-2 top thread color/changes and 1-2 bobbins.
Not included: backing, batting, pressing, cleaning, repair, or binding.

Additional services

Batting – wool, cotton, poly, combinedper yard charge, 1/2 yd min.
Backing – cotton 44″ or 108″ wide, not piecedper yard charge, 1/2 yd min
Binding – matching back or background – machine
customer provided material
$0.15 per linear inch (measure around the quilt)
Binding – matching back or background – hand tacked
customer provided material
$0.20 per linear inch
Washing or Pressing$60.00 per hour, min charge $15.00
Repair work – popped seams or loose applique
(no antique or vintage quilts)
$75.00 per hour, min charge $25.00
Bobbin thread changes – standard thread
color change only, above the number included in standard rates.
$5.00 per bobbin

Written estimates of all services along with thread choice and backing fabric swatches will be provided. A service contract will list all items and decisions. Unexpected issues will be discussed with the creator.

The following are examples, using the finished 40″x60″ quilt noted above, to explain the process:

Simple, easy E2E:

Top at 40″x60″ and backing (with at least 4″ extra on each side of 48″x 68″) provided by the customer. Both are washed, pressed, and in good condition. One thread color used throughout and 1 bobbin used. Batting provided by me. Quilt returned quilted, but not bound.

Quilting service: 2400 SI at $0.025 = $60.00

Batting – 60″ x 60″ (throw size) = $18.50 * applicable sales tax

Total cost of the quilt would be: 78.50 + tax

Simple, E2E with borders:

Same quilt with a single 4″ border, medium E2E, 3 color changes, backing and batting provided by customer, binding by GKQ.

Quilting : 2400 SI at $0.40 = $96.00

Extra bobbin: $5.00

Binding, machine at $0.15 per 200 linear inches = $30.00

Total: $131.00

Fully customized:

A fully custom quilt this at this size could be $250 or more depending on thread changes and additional services. A Queen size quilt at 80″x100″ would be 8000 SqI and potentially cost between $250 and $1000 depending on complexity and design.